Marlene Thomas

Licensed Real Estate Agent

About Marlene

Marlene's journey, from country Queensland to the serene Sunshine Coast Hinterland ignited a lifelong passion for real estate, interior styling, and eco-friendly living.With a diverse background, including working as an agent in real estate at Noosa, and prior to that managing a thriving clinical practice in Brisbane. Marlene embraces versatile approaches, valuing both time-tested traditions and innovative methods.Marlene’s mission is clear – “Embrace change and cultivate resilience, patience, determination and clever strategies for living comfortably.”Having raised her children in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland for over 15 years, Marlene shares an intimate bond with this beautiful region. It's not just about properties; it's about creating a comfortable lifestyle, cherished memories, and connecting with the natural surroundings.Marlene's service is grounded in support and understanding. She acknowledges that real estate involves multiple facets and is dedicated to nurturing relationships with clients, providing personalized guidance to investors seeking to add to their portfolio and discerning buyers who demand quality and craftsmanship.

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